Customisable 'Start Day of the Week'?


It’d be nice to have the option to set Saturday as the starting day for my week.

In various parts of the world, weekends can start and end anywhere between a Thursday and a Sunday.

It also really makes a difference because the calendar bar view helps you visualise things quite well, and I would like to be able to see what my coming week is like on a Saturday.

So can there be an option to customise the starting day of the week, in ML?


Thanks for the link. I guess I completely missed Saturday as a possible first day of the week when I was researching this.

What would be the correct way to highlight the weekend in your culture? In Europe Saturday and Sunday are usually highlighted with red, and in the USA, just the Sunday.

Also, we try to auto-detect the values for the first day of the week and weekend highlight when we launch the app. What would be the correct way to determine if the first day should be set to Saturday – e.g. by country or location?


Yk, I think weekends and ‘starting days of the week’ are and should be treated as different things in the app.

I think it’ll be a good idea to let users have the option to set any day (even weekdays) as the ‘starting day of the week’.

A quick google has told me that although the practice of marking holidays and, by extension, weekends in red is a tradition rooted in Christendom: it is nowadays accepted and followed throughout the world without anyone being bothered. I’ve even googled the calendars of a bunch of countries (with non-Western weekends) and it seems like everyone prints holidays in red; so ML will be good denoting weekends in red.

I don’t think it’d be possible to assess users’ weekdays/weekends accurately just from someone’s location because different workplaces might have different policies on that.

It’d be better to let there be an option to select:

  1. ‘Start day of the week’
  2. Day’s to be highlighted

Which would give us a universal and inclusive solution that would fit every user’s needs?


We can leave our auto-detection as is (only for Europe and the USA), and provide options to customize the start day and the weekend highlight. Any day of the week could be set as the starting day, and any days can be selected to be highlighted as weekend.


That sounds perfect! Thank you!