Desktop Widget for Android


Although I like the overall concept of Matterlist and can see myself using it, I find the widget for Wunderlist very useful to sit on the android desktop and show what I have to do.

What are the chances of seeing a widget in the future?


It’s definitely possible, but it’s not on high priority (high priority is currently Web App, iOS App, Reminders, and Contexts). Besides displaying the list of tasks (which in Matterlist’s case should be Today, I guess), what functions the widget should have?


For me its simply an at a glance reminder of what needs doing, so list of todays tasks and the option to create new ones.


Is the Wunderlist widget a good example of what you’d like? Also, do you keep it small, or expand it to a whole homescreen page?


Yes the Wunderlist widget is what I have been using so far and fits my needs most of the time. The Wunderlist one scales fairly well for different devices, see attached screenshot of my home screen. That said, notifications may well accomplish the same thing a lot of the time when reminders comes.