Subtask Problem


I can’t get drag-and-drop subtasks to work. Is it me or what? :crazy_face:


Just checked it on my Pixel 1, works fine for me. Have you tried killing and restarting the app?


Oops, yes, it does work. What I was trying to do is to nest lists as children under parent lists. That would be a very handy feature for me.


Alas, lists can’t be nested. We toyed with the idea at the concept stage, but decided not to pursue it. Too much complexity, both internal and UI-wise.


No problem really.

Off topic, but I want to say that I discovered your app because of the upcoming loss of Wunderlist.

I researched and tested at least four other apps. Yours won easily and so far I’m quite happy. The only feature that I do have a use for however, is individual list sharing. I wasn’t using Wunderlists ability to do that yet, but recently have a need for that. Any plans for sharing in the future?